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Lifted Wellness Multi-Hyperbaric Chamber

Book a session with our advance “Lifted Oxylife Multi-Place Hyperbaric Chamber”.

Our multi-chamber can sit up to 4 individuals at one time.  We also have a bench to lay down on and can fit a small wheelchair.  Our chamber also has a large window and door access, which offers our clientele comfort and reducing the feeling of being claustrophobic. Our contoured mattress seats adapt to your body pressure points for comfort.

Maintenance of our chambers:  Our chamber is upholstered in antibacterial material used in the medical industry, which is constantly cleaned and maintained.

Hyperbaric oxygenation can be successfully applied in the following cases:

              Wellbeing / Anti-aging / Sport Athletics / Stress Reduction / Relaxation.

Hyperbaric oxygenation has been known also to help with:

Boosting immune system function

Decreases swelling and inflammation

Delivers oxygen to tissues up to 25 times normal levels

Heals injuries much faster

Helps the body to clear toxins

Increases the body’s ability to fight infections

Promotes regeneration of injured tissues

Reduce fatigue from chronic hypoxia

Stimulates brain & nerve cells recovery from injury (hypoxia penumbra)

Improves brain function & memory mood

Shortens recovery times for athletes after injuries

Lifted Wellness Biofeedback

We at Lifted Hypnosis & Wellness Center make use of the most cutting-edge Quantum Biofeedback technology system available on the market.  While our system uses harnesses to attach to you, which reads stress spots in your body, we can also collect your reading without utilizing the feedback harnesses.  The readings are collected using quantum energetic technology, which is a form of quantum energetic technology.

Essentially, our technology is a device that senses stress and assist in restoring the body to a state of healthy resonance, therefore initiating natural healing processes.

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